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A train test runs on the first middle-to-low speed magnetic levitation rail line in Beijing. [Photo/] 

The first middle-to-low speed magnetic levitation (maglev) rail line in China"s capital has entered the system debugging stage, preparing for its debut run within the year.

The line, called Beijing"s Line S1, will run from the Shimenying station in the city"s western district of Mentougou to the Pingguoyuan station in Shijingshan district, which is a transfer station for subway Line 1.

Along Line S1, which is 10.2 kilometers, there are eight stations. The train run on it will have a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

The whole journey will take about 20 minutes, including the time for passengers getting on and off the train.

The train, manufactured by CRRC Tangshan Co Ltd in neighboring Hebei province, has six cars and can hold 1,032 passengers at a time.

According to the company, a total of 10 trains will be put into use in the first stage of its operation.

Compared to current metro and light rail trains, the biggest feature of the maglev train is that it doesn"t have wheels, which makes it more comfortable and safer, according to CRRC Tangshan Co Ltd.

With electromagnetic force, the trains will be suspended above tracks about 10 mm, thus avoiding friction noise between wheels and rails and causing very little vibration.

The specially designed tracks can prevent the trains from overturning or derailing, the company said.